Our Story


Summit Kitchens was founded by Ashley and Lisa Spurrell. Together with their expert team, they have been creating stunning kitchens across Melbourne for close to 10 years. Summit Kitchens commit to delivering our products and services with integrity, honesty and quality. We have a genuine commitment to make a difference to the lives of the clients we work with and are driven to achieve stunning results.


I would highly recommend Summit Kitchens. After meeting Ash from Summit Kitchens we knew we had found the right person for our kitchen renovation. From the start of the whole process right to the end, Ash kept us up to date of everything that was happening. Carl fitted most of our kitchen and laundry with great care and showed love of his profession. The end result of his very hard work is that we have a fantastic looking kitchen, that we all love being in.

user Alison & Troy

We were so pleased that we invited them for dinner to show them how well it functioned and they are now our newly found friends. You can’t ask for more than that. Thank you Summit Kitchens for making our home so much better. With our warmest regards,

user Andrew & Penny

We are thrilled that we decided to go with Ash and the team at Summit Kitchens – our new kitchen is beautiful, functional and exactly what was envisioned when we sat down with Ash. Ash brought some great ideas to the table – I LOVE my appliance cupboard – and the result is an amazing kitchen. The entire team at Summit Kitchens were wonderful, always on time and very accommodating, not to mention skilled at what they do. In addition, every trade that came in and out of the house were a delight – there was not a time where we had to wait – people arrived on time and each and every person did a great job. We have had no hesitation in recommending Summit Kitchens to anyone who has asked about how our kitchen renovation has gone – we cannot speak highly enough of you all. We wish Ash and all the team at Summit Kitchens continued success.

user Beth Paul Laister