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We’ve had a busy few years at Summit Kitchens, a reality that we are so very thankful for. We’ve been OBSESSED with kitchens design for over a decade and as we think back on the homes we’ve renovated we feel so proud. Not just in our work but in YOU our clients. You see a kitchen, at the end of the day, is nothing more than a collection of cupboards, benches and appliances – it’s the people, the families, the personalities and the stories that turn a kitchen into something special.

With that in mind we wanted to do something that would help showcase those stories and at the same time do something creative for the families behind them. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we have partnered with Chef Georgica Deane from Friends Who Feast. Georgie is incredibly accomplished and passionate about everything food and we’re giving her away, to you, our clients.

We want to capture what it is that really makes a kitchen beautiful. We’ll be offering Georgica out to cook for you and your family in your very own home. A qualified chef who will prepare for you a meal that will make your friends jealous AND your hearts smile!

Wow. Awesome. How do I sign up? The good news is if you’ve EVER bought a Summit Kitchen, you automatically go in the running to win!!

Okay, but what’s the catch? What we want to do is capture the essence of a real kitchen on film. We want people to see what’s possible with a real kitchen; the food, the people, the conversation, the beauty and the functionality. We believe what you have in your home is special – and we want to show that off to as many people as possible.

Is this compulsory? Of course not! This is something we are going to offer to our clients but we are more than fine if this isn’t for you!

How often are you doing this? We’re going to start with one and if that goes well we’d really love to able to do this with a family once every few weeks!

Okay, so what happens next? We’re going to pick a client at random and offer this experience. If you are selected and you like the idea we’ll work with Georgica to set a menu and work with you to find an evening that suits!

Are those pictures at the bottom Georgica’s? They sure are! If you win and you accept you can expect something equally as gorgeous!!

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