Andrew and Penny had visited a lot of other kitchen company showrooms before they came to us. They even had another company come into their home and provide them with a 3D drawing only to be disappointed; it seemed the drawing was what the designer felt comfortable with but didn’t take into account Andrew and Penny’s dreams and ideas.

We spent a lot of time with Andrew and Penny and it was clear they were after something very unique. Our final design effortlessly combined modern minimalism with understated drama blending clean lines with bold colour and eye catching finishes.

Modern White Kitchen Renovation
White Modern Kitchen Design by Summit Kitchens Melbourne
White Modern Kitchen Design


When we started looking around to get a new kitchen, we never thought we would end up with such an amazing kitchen. It is more than we ever could have wished for. We went to all the showrooms and after a while, knew what we wanted to some extent. We called out a couple of the large kitchen places and a couple of designers came out to quote our job. Not sure why they are called “designers”, as they had no wish to care about what our needs were. Some companies wanted us to build a standard kitchen and we wanted something different. One of them even came up with the 3d image of what SHE wanted NOT what we asked for. It was basically the same design as what we currently had. So we went to Summit Kitchens and from the first meeting with them, we knew we had to go with them.

They have an amazing eye for detail and started to ask us questions about what we value in a kitchen. We entertain a lot, so we needed a kitchen that would be extremely functional, huge pantry and more than enough storage space, and at the same time be very modern and look fantastic. There was nothing that we asked for that was too hard. Summit Kitchens spent time ensuring every inch was covered and thought about. When they started to put it all together, we met Richard and Karl, who came out on site and were fantastic. They were friendly, helpful and perfectionists. Nothing was rushed and no surprises. It went in like a dream. They came to ensure we were happy more than we expected. When the job was finally finished we were extremely pleased with it.

Summit Kitchens provide a service second to none. The question is not why should you chose to go with Summit Kitchens but rather Why Would you NOT? This would have to be one of the most exciting and smooth projects we have ever gone through and we have spent the last 30 years renovating houses. Their “Can-Do” friendly and family oriented business is a little treasure that they should be very proud of. They make a difference to people’s lives and bring joy to what is typically a horrible and messy experience.

We were so pleased that we invited them for dinner to show them how well it functioned and they are now our newly found friends. You can’t ask for more than that.

Thank you Summit Kitchens for making our home so much better.

With our warmest regards, Andrew, Penny, Rebecca, Kristy and Cassandra

“We were so pleased that we invited them for dinner to show them how well it functioned and they are now our newly found friends. You can’t ask for more than that.”

Before and After Kitchen Renovation
Before and After Kitchen Renovation


Every inch of space was utilised with a wealth of easily accessible storage solutions guaranteeing a clutter free kitchen with handle-less cabinets. Contrasting feature doors and panels create modernity and elegance especially with the feature frame that surrounds the entire room.

Andrew and Penny were so pleased with the outcome, they even invited us over for a dinner party!

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