Custom Built Cabinetry

Custom built cabinetry for around the home, crafted by our kitchen cabinet makers in Melbourne

At Summit Kitchens we don’t just build kitchen cabinets. While we are renowned for crafting high quality cabinets for kitchens, we do much more than that. Our talented kitchen cabinet makers in Melbourne can also built cabinets for other areas of the home.

Our team is committed to making your home better. Perhaps your family has outgrown your home and you could benefit from additional storage areas? Maybe you’ve been putting up with an old wardrobe that was built in the 70s, when just an ordinary shelf and hanging rail were all the rage! It could be you have spent time wandering in furniture stores looking for the perfect unit, only to walk away with nothing because there isn’t one that suits your needs?

We do more than build kitchen cabinets in Melbourne

There are so many options we can assist you with to improve the quality of the life in your home. We can:

  • Turn your ‘study’ into a fully functional home office that is not only practical, but visually stunning as well.
  • If you can’t fit all your clothes in your current wardrobe, allow us to enhance the space on offer. We construct custom designs that offer shelves, drawers and additional hanging to create more room.
  • For a sophisticated entertainment unit, talk to our professional cabinet makers. We design cabinets that will fit the exact specifications of your own audio and visual equipment.
  • The addition of wall units and bookshelves enhance any living area. Our cabinetry will add charm to your living area and entice you to spend more time relaxing.
  • There’s no point of renovating your whole bathroom if you keep the old vanities. Our cabinet makers can build gorgeous bathroom vanities that compliment your own bathroom renovations.


The first step is getting to know you, and listening to your ideas. We will spend quite a bit of time with you talking about material options, colours, and design. We want your end results to be everything you want, and more, which is why we invest so much time into this initial stage.



We will personally design your kitchen, and this when the real magic starts to begin! All measurements, appliances and specifications will be set out clearly for you to understand and this will form the basis for the beginning of your new kitchen.



Construction of your new kitchen will now commence in our Croydon factory. Our staff have been carefully selected for their amazing skill, their dedication and passion. We are very proud of our staff.



Your old kitchen will be expertly ripped out and the new kitchen precisely installed down to the millimetre. The end result…. Perfection!