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Our Kitchen Designs Are More Than Just Visually Appealing. We Design Spaces That Are Perfectly Suited to You, Your Lifestyle and Enhance Your Entire Home.

Your new kitchen design should be eye-catching and beautiful – but it also needs to tie in with the aesthetic and flow of the rest of your home, functioning seamlessly with your lifestyle and the ways in which you will inhabit the space.

In designing your new kitchen, the materials and forms chosen should take cues from the existing architecture, layout and style of the rest of your home. Your new kitchen design will be unlike any other because it will reflect you; your habits, your taste and your existing home.

One of the key differences that you will find with Summit Kitchens is that we truly care about the spaces we help to design and create, and the way in which they can enrich the lives of our clients. We build relationships with our clients and get to know them and their homes. We do not understand how you can deliver a truly functional and successful space by focusing on the kitchen design in isolation.

When you book your in-home kitchen design consultation with Summit Kitchens, our experienced designers will take the time to look at your home as a whole. We will ask deeper questions about your routines, rituals and how you interact with your existing kitchen and other spaces within your home. We will look to gain insights into the way that you live and identify problems that we can address with your new kitchen design. We will take consideration of your home as a whole to ensure that your kitchen does not appear to have been ‘dropped in’, and so that it adds value to your life and home in its entirety.


Each and every one of our kitchens is as unique and individual as our clients themselves. All of our kitchens are designed and built locally in our Melbourne factory by qualified and experienced tradespeople who are committed to delivering kitchens that are highly functional, beautiful and of superior quality. At Summit Kitchens we have built a proud reputation for providing a personal and friendly service with quality that is second to none.

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The kitchen is the heart of your home. Designing and renovating your kitchen is a large investment that requires you to place a great deal of trust in your kitchen design and renovation specialists. At Summit Kitchens we take pride in the fact that you do not have to look far to see how our clients feel about our work and their experience in dealing with us. We encourage you to take the time to read our reviews online and browse through our work to see our recent kitchen design transformations.

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“Summit Kitchens spent a lot of time with us planning the design and renovation of our kitchen. We had a fairly small area to work with and they did wonders. They are such perfectionists and they cared so much about getting the kitchen to be exactly what we wanted.”

– Lucy Marotti


Your New Kitchen Design Will Be Carefully Planned, Expertly Crafted & Inspired by You

During the design phase of your kitchen renovation, we will start by evaluating existing elements. We will look at doors, windows and other structural elements that may impact on how your new kitchen should be arranged. We will also explore your house in general – examining how the kitchen relates to adjacent rooms and the overall aesthetic of your home. We will work with you to identify what is currently functioning well, or poorly, for you in your existing space. What we find will be used to address flaws and ensure that your new kitchen design fulfills its full potential in terms of both form and function.

From there, we will work with you to determine the optimal layout for your new kitchen and begin the process of customising your kitchen design to suit your individual style and requirements. We will listen to you about your preferences and use our expert knowledge to help guide you through the process of choosing styles, colour pallets, materials and finishes that will ensure that your new kitchen design will be as relevant in ten years as it is upon completion.

We will take all necessary measurements, create detailed plans and realistic 3D models of your kitchen design. At this point you will be able to see your dream kitchen design coming to life and be empowered to make those final adjustments to perfect the design.

As registered builders with the Victorian Building Practitioners Board and proud members of the Australian Cabinet and Furniture Association, our team is qualified and can handle every aspect of your kitchen design and renovation. We are at ease working with your own architects and builders off plans, or we can arrange all relevant tradespeople and permits to achieve your vision from start to finish.



Do you need help designing your new kitchen? We would love the opportunity to speak to you. We offer a free ‘in-home kitchen design consultation service’ where one of our experienced and talented designers will visit your home to get to know you, your space, and how we can help make your kitchen reach its full potential.


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The first step in designing the perfect kitchen starts by getting to know you and your space.